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Multi-Account Manager Account

The Multi-Account Manager (MAM) enables fund managers to efficiently manage multiple sub-accounts using a single master account.

KAMA CAPITAL's MAM account allows fund managers to trade Forex, Indices, Shares, Commodities, and more through CFDs on behalf of their clients. Multi-Account Managers earn commissions on clients' trades, as well as performance and management fees.

Clients can take advantage of this arrangement by having their accounts expertly managed by KAMA CAPITAL's authorized traders.

Your MAM Account Features

Advanced Trade Allocation

Efficiently distribute trades across multiple accounts with customizable allocation methods.

Risk Management Tools

Mitigate risks through built-in features such as stop-loss orders and account monitoring alerts.

Real-time Reporting

Access up-to-date performance reports and account statements for accurate analysis and decision-making.

Investor Access Control

Maintain control over client access permissions, allowing selective viewing and trading capabilities.

Order Aggregation

Consolidate multiple trade orders into a single execution, optimizing market entry and minimizing slippage.

Fee Calculation and Distribution

Automate fee calculations and allocate commissions to individual accounts based on customizable rules.


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Оur features are our advantages

Combative Pricing

Enjoy competitive pricing that maximizes your trading potential and enhances profitability.

24/5 Support

Receive round-the-clock assistance from our dedicated support team, ensuring prompt resolution of any queries or issues.

Low Spread

Benefit from tight spreads, reducing trading costs and enhancing your chances of securing favorable entry and exit points.

Quick Executions

Experience lightning-fast order executions, minimizing slippage and optimizing trade entry and exit timings.

Ease of Access

Enjoy user-friendly platforms and intuitive interfaces that provide seamless access to trading tools and market information.

Varied Products

Explore a diverse range of trading instruments, including currency pairs, commodities, indices, and more, to diversify your portfolio.

Our Secure Payment Methods

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